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Heath is a MC and a DJ

A lyricist that has created his own sound called Organic Hip Hop, Heath is an educated wordsmith and the frontman of a 5 piece fuNk collective. The band was formerly known as Yellow No 5 and has gone through several evolutions over the past 10 years before landing on the current funk focused conception. Now simply called HEATH, the funk collective offers a unique perspective on a LIVE hip hop BAND.


Although the project is called HEATH, it is a 5 piece funk collective with Shadow playing lead on the saxophone, Joe Goodfunk on the bass, Adam Rea on the guitar, Tull Rea (no relation) on drums, Callie Kincaid on backing vocals and Heath on the turntables and vocals

Also, a renowned DJ available for hire. Living in DFW, servicing all of the suburbs with musical treats for all ages - from proms to weddings, to block parties to retirement celebrations - DJ Heath can truly provide the proper backdrop for any age groups or groups. 

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